A Soul’s Journey

Soprano and actrice Suzanne Roels in A Soul’s Journey is looking for her ideal Knight, her strong and honourable other half. To experience what it feels like, she decides to become a Knight herself. In search for adventure, she goes into the forest. There she meets all kinds of people that mirror her different qualities and lessons are being thaught.

A Soul’s Journey is a voyage along the old archetypes of men and women, of the knight and

the priestess, of light and darkness, and fears that are conquered . With a great sense of humor and ease multi-talented Suzanne Roels tells her story with dance, opera-aria’s and Shakespeare monologues. During this evening filled with music and theater, swordfighting and divine singing, Love conquers all!

The show is English spoken.

Soprano/Actrice: Suzanne Roels
Piano: Maarten Hillenius
Director: Kevin Bennett
Choreography: Sophia Maria Kienhaus

A Soul’s Journey 2018 – Photograhpy Ellard Vasen