A Soul’s Journey – showreel

Showreel Soprano

‘As you like it’ Shakespeare

Shakespeare, Henry V

Song to the Moon – Dvorak

Casta diva – Bellini

Ave Maria – Michael Lorenc (Short Version)

Alice from Sabbat ( play) by Richard Shannon

I Could Have danced all Night

O mio babbino caro, Puccini

I Could Have danced all Night

Song to the moon – Dvorak (Rusalka)

Audition Scene – Divorcing Sex Offender

Anne Boleyn audition scene

A ChlorisII – Hahn

La Rosa y el sauce – Guastavino

Adieu notre petite table – Massenet

Casta diva – Bellini

A Soul’s Journey – Trailer

Song to the moon – Rusalka Dvorak

A Soul’s Journey

Compilatie van Les Bijoux